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Haoyang Wen (文灏洋)
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Hi! I am an undergraduate student (expected to graduate in 2019) at Harbin Institute of Technology. I am now advised by Prof. Wanxiang Che in the Research Center for Social Computing and Information Retrieval, Language Analysis group. I am also a competitive programming contestant (e.g. ACM/ICPC, NOI).

I am now working on task-oriented dialogue system. I am focusing on representation learning for external data (e.g. ontology, knowledge base) in pipeline modules or end-to-end systems. My vision for future research is to bridge this gap and develop agents that everyone can effectively communicate with. I am also interested in representation learning with inductive biases from linguistics.

Undergraduate Student September 2015 - Present
Harbin Institute of Technology
Research Intern July 2018 - September 2018
NLP Group, UC Santa Barbara
Supervised by Prof. William Wang, working on models to predict scientific contributions..
Research Assistant September 2016 - Present
Research Center for Social Computing and Information Retrieval,
Harbin Institute of Technology
Supervised by Prof. Wanxiang Che, working on dependency parsing and task-oriented dialogue system.
Teaching Assistant
  • Fall 2016/2017 High Level Programming Language (C)
  • Summer 2017 Python Programming
  • Haoyang Wen, Yijia Liu, Wanxiang Che, Libo Qin and Ting Liu,
    Sequence-to-Sequence Learning for Task-oriented Dialogue with Dialogue State Representation,
    In Proceedings of the 27th International Conference on Computational Linguistics (COLING 2018).
    [pdf] [bib]
Task-oriented Dialogue System
Take a look at our current system (DTP) which allows everyone to create their own bots (in Chinese).
Automatic Paper Review
Deep Reinforcement Learning for Dependency Parsing
Supported by Google Focused Research Program (2016-2017)
Algorithm Competitions
  • Champion of The 12th China Collegiate Programming Contest of Heilongjiang.
  • Champion of The 11th Northeast Collegiate Programming Contest.
  • Gold Prize of China Collegiate Programming Contest, Qinhuangdao Regional.
  • Gold Prize of ACM/ICPC Asia Qingdao Regional Contest.
  • Gold Prize of ACM/ICPC Asia CHINA-FINAL Contest.
  • Gold Prize of ACM/ICPC Asia Qingdao Regional Contest.
  • 7th Place Prize of ACM/ICPC Asia Tsukuba Regional Contest.
  • First Prize of The 11th China Collegiate Programming Contest of Heilongjiang.
Scholarship & Awards
  • 2018 SenseTime Scholarship (awarded to 30 AI undergrads in China)
  • 2018 CCF Outstanding Student (awarded to 73 CS undergrads in China)
  • 2018 National Scholarship
  • 2017 HUAWEI Scholarship
  • 2017 Innovation Scholarship of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology
  • 2016 National Scholarship
Languages: C/C++, Python, Shell
OS: Mac OS, Linux, Windows
Experience: Git, Emacs, Pytorch, Tensorflow
  • I love playing badminton.
  • I love watching many sports games (soccer, tennis, ...)
  • I love music. And I used to practice playing the piano.
  • I love travel.
  • I was born in Zhuzhou, China. I grew up in Changsha and Zhuzhou, China.
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