I am a Ph.D in Harbin Institute of Technology, affiliated with the center for Social Computing and Information Retrieval (SCIR). I am advised by Wanxiang Che, Haifeng Wang and Ting Liu. My research interests are in the areas of natural language processing, machine learning, with special interests on distributed representation learning and its applications on NLP tasks (mostly structure prediction problems). From 2014 to 2015, I am a joint Ph.D student at the Center for Language and Speech Processing (CLSP), Johns Hopkins University, supervised by David Yarowsky. Prior to that, I received my Bachelors and Masters degrees in Computer Science and Technology from Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin, China. I received the Baidu Fellowship in 2015.

I joined the NLP Group at MIT CSAIL in October, 2017. Check my new homepage.

E-mail: jguo[at], jguo29[at]

Find me in: Github, Weibo, Quora, Google Scholar

Research Interests

  • Distributed representation learning for NLP (deep learning, spectral learning, clustering, etc.).
  • Linguistic structure prediction (sequence modeling, parsing).
  • Multilingual/Cross-lingual transfer learning and Multi-task Learning.
  • Recently I am very interested in Reinforcement Learning and Interpretable Machine Learning.

Professional Activities

Academic/Industrial Experiences


  • 2013-fall TA, Course: Chinese Information Processing, Prof. Ting Liu
  • 2010-fall TA, Course: High Level Programming Language (C/C++), Prof. Wanxiang Che

Invited Talks

  • 2016.09.20 Representation Learning for Multilingual Parsing. Microsoft Research Asia Ph.D. Forum 2016. Beijing, China. (Email for slides)
  • 2015.10.26 Representation Learning for Cross-lingual Transfer Parsing. Carnegie Mellon University, LTI. Pittsburg, USA. (Email for slides)
  • 2015.08.04 Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing. MeiTuan. Beijing, China. (Email for slides)

Projects and Achievements

  • 2017: 4th place in CoNLL-2017 shared task on Multilingual Parsing from Raw Text to Universal Dependencies (out of 33 submitted systems and 113 registered teams)
  • 2015: Baidu Research Fellowship (Awarded to 10 Chinese students all around the world.)
  • 2014: National Graduate Scholarship
  • 2014.01-2017.12: Research on Sub-Strucutre Reliability Computing of Dependency Syntactic Parsing(61370164), National Natural Science Fund (NSFC), Main Researcher.
  • 2013.06-2014.01: Project: Semantic Role Labeling, with Sony Corporation.
  • 2013.10: The second place of 2013 HIT's Martial Arts Competition (Tai Chi)
  • 2013.03-2013.05: Project: Chinese Weibo Dependency Treebank Construction, with Datatang.
  • 2012.06: "Outstanding Graduates of HeiLongJiang Province" Award
  • 2012.01-2012.04: Project: Graph-based and Transition-based Dependency Parsing Tools, with Tencent.
  • 2011.08: Outstanding Paper Award at the Annual Conference of the Computer Society of Heilongjiang Province
  • 2011.06-2013.06: Language Technology Platform (LTP), one of the programmers, maintainer.
  • 2010.07-2010.09: Project: Large-scale Chinese Dependency Treebank Construction. Co-PI. This corpora has been published on LDC
  • 2009.06-2010.02: Open-source Project: Measure of Report Similarity. Excellent Student Innovation Project of 2009. China Innovation Program for Students (CHIPS)
  • 2009.08: The third prize of 2009 National Information Security Competition, Project Leader
  • 2009.04: The second prize of the American Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MCM), Team Leader

Selected Publications

Selected Notes and Slides

  • [Note] Cross-lingual Word Representation Learning. (in Chinese)
  • [Slides] Deep Q-Learning.
  • [Slides] Deep Learning for NLP: A Survey.
  • [Note] Recurrent Neural Network: BackPropagation Through Time.
  • [Slides] Gaussian Graphical Models: Structure Estimation.
  • [Slides] A Simple Tutorial on Theano.
  • [Slides] Inference in Graphical Models.

Technical Skills

  • Programming Languages: C/C++, Python, R, Matlab, Shell, Java, LaTeX
  • Operating Systems: Linux, Windows
  • Experiences: SVN, Git, Vim, MySQL, Django

Some Useful Links: ACL Anthology | NLP Bibs | arXiv (CL)