Phd candidate at Harbin Institute of Technology, HIT. Advised by Prof. Haifeng Wang and Prof. Wanxiang Che.
From November 2014 to June 2015 I was a research assistant at NUS and received my bachelor of computer science degree from Harbin Institute of Technology.

Research Interests

  • Open domian dialog system. I am pondering how to endow chatbot with proactivity. Maybe a brain (graph based) is needed, so I am trying to build it, and we will see what will happen...

Selected Publications and Notes

  • Jun Xu, Zeyang Lei, Haifeng Wang, Zheng-Yu Niu, Hua Wu, Wanxiang Che: Enhancing Dialog Coherence with Event Graph Grounded Content Planning. IJCAI2020
  • Jun Xu, Haifeng Wang, Zheng-Yu Niu, Hua Wu, Wanxiang Che: Conversational Graph Grounded Policy Learning for Open-Domain Conversation Generation. ACL2020
  • Jun Xu, Haifeng Wang, Zheng-Yu Niu, Hua Wu, Wanxiang Che: Knowledge Graph Grounded Goal Planning for Open-Domain Conversation Generation. AAAI2020
  • Jun Xu, Haifeng Wang, Zheng-Yu Niu, Hua Wu, Wanxiang Che: A Key-Phrase Aware End2end Neural Response Generation Model. NLPCC2019  PDF  PPT
  • Chaotao Chen, Jinhua Peng, Fan Wang, Jun Xu, Hua Wu: Generating Multiple Diverse Responses with Multi-Mapping and Posterior Mapping Selection. IJCAI2019  PDF
  • Jiang Guo, Wanxiang Che, Haifeng Wang, Ting Liu, Jun Xu: A Unified Architecture for Semantic Role Labeling and Relation Classification. COLING2016
  • Tang, Yanbin, Junbin Fang, K. P. Chow, S. M. Yiu, Jun Xu, Bo Feng, Qiong Li, and Qi Han. "Recovery of heavily fragmented JPEG files." Digital Investigation 18 (2016): S108-S117.  PDF
  • 徐俊,王宏志,高宏,李建中:《基于GPS平台的k-bisimulation计算算法》 第三届全国大数据学术会议(2015)
  • D. Jiang, S. Wu, G. Chen, B.C. Ooi, K.-L. Tan, J. Xu: epiC: an extensible and scalable system for processing Big Data. VLDB Journal- Special issue of VLDB'14 best papers, 2015.
  • Word2Vec Explained  PPT
  • Seq2seq模型中的未登录词处理  PDF
  • Sequence to Sequence Learning: A Feature's Perspective  PPT

Research and Intern Experience

  • 2014.10 - 2015.06:    Research Assistant at School of Computing,  NUS
    Supervised by Prof. Beng Chin OOI and Dr. David Jiang. Mainly focuse on distributed database recovering and business intelligence cube.
  • 2014.07 - 2014.09:    Summer Intern at Department of Natural Language Processing,  Baidu
    Supervised by Xinyu Zhang. Working on word embedding.
  • 2013.09 - 2014.06:    Research Assistant at Department of Computer Science,  HIT
    Supervised by Prof. Hongzhi Wang. Focused on Big data and completed a paper calculates bi-simulation of graph(with billions of edges) based on the GPS system.
  • 2013.07 - 2013.09:    Research Assistant at Department of Computer Science,  HKU
    Supervised by Dr. S.M.Yiu. Focused on File Carving and completed one paper.

Projects and Achievements

  • Business Intelligence Cube(Initial developer, Query engine, RESTFul, Compressor)
  • Distributed database recovering(Zookeeper, LevelDB, HDFS)
  • Incremental word2vec

  • Silver Awards in The ACM Programming Contest of HIT
  • Won the First Prize (also as The First editor) in China Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling

  • Excellent Graduate of Harbin Institute of Technology
  • National Scholarship
  • Excellent Cadre of Students and Jianke Elite Scholarship
  • Excellent Achievements Scholarship and Xerox Corporation Scholarship

Technical Skills

  • Programming Languages: C/C++, Python, Shell, Java, LaTeX
  • Experiences: Hadoop, Spark, Linux, Git, Vim