Weigang LI (李维刚)

Ph.D. Candidate of Information Retrieval Laboratory

School of Computer Science and Technology, Harbin Institute of Technology

Weigang Li-(Resume/CV/简历)'s research concentrates on paraphrasing. Also, he is interested in machine translation, question answering, information retrieval, information extraction and text mining and other topics in computational linguistics and machine learning. He will forge ahead in the next year and complete his doctorate study. His advisor is Sheng LI and Ting LIU.


Mail Address: Information Retrieval Laboratory,  School of Computer Sci. & Tech., Harbin Institute of Technology P.O.Box 321, 150001, China
Email: lee AT ir-lab.org
Phone(O): +86-451-8641-3683  Ext: 805
Fax: +86-451-8641-3683  Ext: 812
Mob: +86-139-3629-7356

Brief Bio


Weigang Li, Ting Liu and Sheng Li. Bootstrapping for Extracting Relations from Large Corpora. Journal of Electronics (China). 2006, (Accepted)

Weigang Li, Ting Liu, Yu Zhang and Sheng Li. 基于长度和位置信息的双语句子对齐方法(Bilingual Sentence Alignment Method based on Sentence Length and Location Information) (Chinese). 哈尔滨工业大学学报(Journal  OF Harbin Institute Of Technology), 2006, (Accepted)

Ting Liu, Weigang Li, Yu Zhang and Sheng Li. 复述技术研究综述Survey on Paraphrasing Technology (Chinese). 中文信息学报(Journal of Chinese Information Processing), 2006, 40(4): 25-33 PDF

Weigang Li, Ting Liu, Yu Zhang, Sheng Li and Wei He. Automated generalization of phrasal paraphrases from the Web. Third International Workshop on Paraphrasing (IWP2005), 2005 PDF PPT

Weigang Li, Ting Liu, Sheng Li. Combining Sentence Length with Location Information to Align Monolingual Parallel Texts. Asia Information Retrieval symposium (AIRS2004), 2004, pages 71-77 PDF

Weigang Li, Ting Liu, Zhen Wang, Sheng Li. Aligning Bilingual Corpora Using Sentences Location Information. Sighan2004, 2004, PDF

Weiang LI, Ting Liu, Zhen Wang, Sheng LI. 双语语料库段落重组对齐方法研究(Research of Paragraph Realignment of Bilingual Corpus). 全国第七届计算语言学联合学术会议(JSCL2003), 2003, PDF PPT

Reports and Resources

Some reports and paper reading and some resources are available online.


Hobby: Chinese Traditional Culture, Music, Reading and all kinds of sports, especially badminton, table tennis and football. Some other information can be found in my blog. Also, some pictures are in my album. My favorite links include: Gaea  Ark  Lilac BBS.

Friends: Jinshan Ma  Wanxiang Che

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