Course Resources (Linux Operating System)


Ø  Class 1 (2014.2.20)

n  Preface: introduction to linux (slides)

n  Big picture of computers (slides)

n  Brief history of Linux (slides)

n  Slides of Teacher Zhongguo Li (if you need, send email to me)


Ø  Class 2 (2014.2.27)

n  Some basic concepts (linux vs. windows) (slides)

n  Some basic commands (see below for slides)


Ø  Experimental lesson 1 (2014.3.3)

n  basic commands

n  trying VI


Ø  Class 3 (2014.3.6)

n  More basic commands (slides)

n  VI editor (slides)


Ø  Class 4 (2014.3.13)

n  More basic commands (slides)


Ø  Experimental lesson 2 (2014.3.17)

n  More basic commands (mount …)

n  Programming with C (compile: gcc –c a.c, link: gcc a.o –o myprog)


Ø  Class 5 (2014.3.20)

n  Pipeline, redirect, C programming (slides)


Ø  Class 6 (2014.3.27)

n  More C programming (slides as above)

n  Wildcards and other special symbols (slides)

n  Regular expressions (slides)


Ø  Experimental lesson 2 (2014.3.31)

n  Practice with regular expressions

n  C programming (6 programs, must complete before 2014.5.1)


Ø  Class 7 (2014.4.3)

n  Shell scripts part 1 (slides)


Ø  Class 8 (2014.4.10)

n  Shell scripts part 2 (slides)

n  A few examples (link)


Ø  ???

n  Awk and Sed (slides of Teacher Zhongguo Li)


Ø  Course Brief Summary (slides)


Ø  Course Detailed Summary (slides)


Ø  exam related

n  Ordinary marks  (slides)

n  exam points  (slides)