Research Field: Natural language Processing, Sentiment Computing, Social media miningļ¼ŒData Analysis

Social Computing and Information Retrieval research center(HIT-SCIR)
Sentiment Computing Group
Harbin Institute of Technology(HIT), China
Email: zy1996@ir.hit.edu.cn
Github: github.com/zy1996code


    2019-2021 (expected)
    Harbin Institute of Technology, China
    Media Technology and Art

    Yonsei Univeristy, Text & Social Media Mining lab, Korea (visting)
    National Chung Cheng University, college of Social Sciences, Taiwan (exchange)
    Harbin Institute of Technology, China
    Media Technology and Art


  -Projects & Research Experiences & Interests 

    Rating prediction of reviews with integrating users and products, 2019
    * sentiment analysis, text extraction, text classification, personalized recommendation
    * deep-learning, CNN, RNN, LSTM, BiLSTM, Attention, Transformer, BERT
    * Open Source: github.com/zy1996code
    * Not finished yet
    'Intelligence for Nursing Home', 2018
    * a system of information mangement 
    * I desigh the front end of the customer agent and programming 
    * work as PM for a tech Start-up during my part-time job
    'A Helper of the Blind', 2017
    * a mobile app for translating the verbal words to sign language
    * I come up with the idea and work as the  PM of the project

  -Publications & Patents & Copyright
    * A survey paper is promising in 2020.
    * Patent: a kind of computer display that can be operated by two screen sliding, accepted, patent No.: 201921542814.2.
    * Software Copyright: A system for rating predicition based on user and product modeling, registration number: 2019SR1057626.

  -Programming Skills & Tools
    Python, JAVA, C/C++, SQL, Shell, LaTeX, R
    Linux, Git, Vim
    PyTorch, Keras, Tensorflow

  -Online Notebook
    "Deep Learning & Sentiment Computing": zhuanlan.zhihu.com/dl-sc

Honers & Awards

    * First class scholarship for graduate students of HIT, 2019
    * "Outstanding Graduates" of HIT, 2019
    * Third prize of Challenge Cup national entrepreneurship competition for College Students, 2018
    * First prize technology entrepreneurship competition for graduate of HIT, 2018
    * First prize of national college student advertising art competition in Heilongjiang province, 2018
    * Gold medal Challenge Cup National Undergraduate entrepreneurship and innovation competition of Heilongjiang, 2018
    * First prize of Mobile App Design, Digital Media Design Competition for college students of mainland and Hongkong of China, 2017
    * National Inspirational Scholarship, 2017
    * People's Scholarship, 2016
    * "Excellent student Leaders" of HIT, 2016
    * "Triple-A students" of HIT, 2016
    * Excellent League members in academic of HIT, 2015
    * Core members of the 5th "excellent training camp" of HIT, 2015
    * Excellent lecturer of student professional development association of HIT, 2015

I plan to apply for a Ph.D in 2021 Fall.