Zhang   Yu      Ph.D.


Research Center for Social Computing and Information Retrieval

School of Computer Science, Harbin Institute of Technology

Email: zhangyu@ir.hit.edu.cn

Research Interests

l   Question Answering System

²  Paraphrasing

²  Text Entailment

²  Zero Anaphora Resolution

²  Question Analysis

l   Information Retrieval

²  Personalized Information Retrieval

²  Information Recommendation


Social Appointments

l   China Computer Federation, Senior Member

l   Chinese Information Processing Society of China, Member

l   Chinese Information Processing Society of China, Information Retrieval Technical Committee, Member


l   Information Retrieval

l   Computer Organization

l   Chinese Information Processing

l   Search Engine Technology


l   Research on Question Comprehension and Recommendation for Interactive Question Answering System, NSFC, 61472105, 2015-2018.


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l   Wei-Nan Zhang, Yu Zhang and Ting Liu. A Topic Inference based Translation Model for Question Retrieval in Community-based Question Answering Services, China Conference on Information Retrieval(CCIR2013. In Chinese)–Best Student Paper

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l   Qingyu Yin, Wei-Nan Zhang, Yu Zhang, Ting Liu. Joint Model for Ellipsis Identification and Recovery[C]. China Conference on Information Retrieval(CCIR2014. In Chinese)


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