Some reports by Weigang LI

These reports are given in IRLab during doctoral period. I shared them just for your information. Any advices, suggestions and discussions from you are all welcome.

Weigang LI. IJCNLP2005 summary on paraphrasing. Oct., 2005, PPT

Summary: Some information about paraphrasing is in IJCNLP2005. Main ideas of several papers are introduced and some sentiment are also given with some pictures.

Weigang LI. Research Status on Paraphrasing in 2004. Dec., 2004, PDF

Summary: Some of latest development on paraphrasing are concluded in 2004. And it shows some thought on future work.

Weigang LI. AIRS2004 Summary. Oct., 2004, PDF

Summary: Some information about AIRS 2004. Main content includes that some demos introduction in MSRA and brief description of papers.

Weigang LI. Introduction on Paraphrasing. Apr., 2004, PDF

Summary: Definition, classification and method on paraphrasing are introduced in this report. At the end of it there are some experimental results done by previous researchers.

Weigang LI. MT & QA & Paraphrasing. Feb., 2004, PDF

Summary: Analysis on the relations among MT, QA and Paraphrasing are given. Maybe there are some interesting discovery.

Weigang LI. Word Alignment and Machine Translation. Jan., 2004, PDF

Summary: Brief survey on Word Alignment technology is given. The relation between word alignment and machine translation was discussed.

Weigang LI. Introduction on Sentence Alignment Algorithm. Nov., 2002. PDF

Summary: Survey on sentence alignment technology and a simple implementation algorithm of sentence alignment are given.

Some Papers read by Weigang LI

These reports are given in paper reading group in IRLab. We are all used in English to communicate each other in the occasion. Oral presentation ability in English are improved through the exercise.

Weigang LI.  Bootstrapping Lexical Choice via Multiple-Sequence Alignment, (author: R.Barzilay and L.Lee), Mar., 2005, PDF

Weigang LI. Combining Labeled and Unlabeled Data with Co-Training, (author:Avrim Blum, Tom Mitchell), Sep., 2004, PDF

Weigang LI. Using a Paraphraser to Improve Machine Translation Evaluation, (author: Andrew Michael Finch, et. al) Apr., 2005, PDF

Some Resources collected by Weigang LI

A reference list on paraphrase. PDF

IWP2005(The 3rd International Workshop on Paraphrasing)
And all the papers can be downloaded from here

2nd International Workshop on Paraphrasing (ACL2003 Workshop)

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